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DadBoner - Sat Jul 16 2011

01:29 PM #
'Bout to head down to the Steely Dan show. Super pumped. Gonna have a few cold ones and a little grass maybe. (definitely, Ha!)

01:33 PM #
Just gonna try and score some Steely tix when we get there. Shouldn't be hard. It's not like it's a Nuge concert. More of mellow vibe.

02:03 PM #
Makin a Thermos of G & T's for the drive to the D. It's ok to drink on the way to a concert in Detroit. Takes the edge off the filth.

02:11 PM #
Lotta good spots for eats & drinks in Detroit, but one wrong turn and you've got some bad brothers wavin' guns in your face, you guys.

02:28 PM #
Me, Dave & Al are gonna shotgun a tall, then hit the road to Steely D, USA. Get back, Jack, do it again! Puttin the top down, let's do this.