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DadBoner - Sun Jul 17 2011

11:55 AM #
Scored some Rice Krispy treats with weed in 'em before Steely Dan. Ate 2. 2 was too many. Way too many. Got lost in the restroom.

11:56 AM #
Dave & Al wouldn't by tickets 'cause they were too expensive. Cheapskates. Had to go in by myself and they went to a bar.

11:59 AM #
Spent the whole Steely show in the restroom stall. Freaked out. 175 bucks down the toilet. Shoulda just took a crap at home listenin to Peg.

12:02 PM #
Left my cell in the car. After the show, couldn't find Dave or Al or the Sebring. So tripped out. Wandered around Detroit until 4am.

12:06 PM #
Finally found the Sebring with Dave & Al in it, passed out with the top down, covered in trash. Looked like someone urinated on Dave.

12:12 PM #
All the filthy animals in Detroit should be locked up so responsible adults can enjoy some pot and not have their friends urinated on.

12:24 PM #
I think that weed is still in my system. I just don't feel right, you guys. Wish Dave would wake up and talk to me. Might call Ann.

01:29 PM #
Went outside to get some air. Got a real good look at the Sebring in the sunlight. Not good, you guys.

01:34 PM #
90 degree weather, urine, fast food trash & puke do not mix well with the interior of a Chrysler. It's like we brought Detroit home with us.

02:45 PM #
Remembered where the puke came from. Dave tried to throw up out the Sebring on I-75 goin 60. Real disaster. Real classic Dave.

03:24 PM #
Bummed the USA gals lost to the Orientals. Was really lookin' forward to one of the American soccer babes takin' their top off again.