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DadBoner - Wed Jul 20 2011

11:46 AM #
Happy Wing Wednesday! Took out 18 Caribbean Jerks. They have the bold island spices I crave. Tomorrow, it's back to the health zone.

12:00 PM #
Sometimes you need to take a step back from your diet or your bod gets used to it. When you get back on that horse, the lbs. just melt off.

12:17 PM #
It's so hot out, you guys. The AC at work is really slowing down. Can't believe this. It's making my stomach upset. Feelin crabby.

12:34 PM #
Gosh dangit. If I knew the AC was gonna conk out I wouldn't have put 18 wings in me. Woulda just stuck with 12 & a salad. Feelin bad.

01:32 PM #
Can't stand this heat! It's just disgusting how they expect us to keep working. Could at least give us some cold beers like in Shawshank.

01:34 PM #
Screw this crap. Goin down to my undertank and hittin the john where it's nice & cool.

01:44 PM #
Could only stay in the john for a little bit. Ken was in there rankin it up. Tried to make small talk but it felt weird with my shirt off.

01:51 PM #
Went to ask nosey lady if we could leave, she said no. Her b.o. was comin on strong enough for a man, but made for a man. Yuck.

01:54 PM #
Think nosey lady wears that organic deodorant crap. In this heat, she might as well just wear b.o. scented deodorant. Such a rude grossout.

02:28 PM #
I knew I shoulda put an above ground pool in the back parking lot. Woulda been the hit of the complex. "You wanna keep cool? You see Karl."

02:28 PM #
Sick of this.

04:10 PM #
Made me & Dave a big pitcher of vodka lemonade. Box fan blastin at my crotch, window unit AC on full blast. Beatin the heat like the Mavs.

04:12 PM #
Beat the heat tip from Captain Karl: Go heavy Gold Bond on your plumbing, then let a box fan cool your boys down like Dalton from Roadhouse.

04:14 PM #
Remember, when beatin' the heat, with Gold Bold, don't beat your meat. Dave had a disaster situation last summer. Ha!