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DadBoner - Sun Jul 24 2011

10:36 AM #
Yesterday is kinda blurry. Think I hit a couple parked cars (lightly) leaving Paddy's last night. Was a good sign I should probably go home.

10:39 AM #
Always know when to say when. And for me, "when" is when you back into someone's mini-van. Stay responsible, you guys.

10:54 AM #
Dave said when I came home I kept talkin about "makin burgers," then tried to thaw some meat & turn on the grill, which I left on all night.

10:55 AM #
Looks like I put the burger meat in the microwave to thaw, on high, then forgot about it. It's pretty grisly in there, you guys.

10:57 AM #
Pretty steamed at Dave for letting me leave the gas grill on all night. Someone coulda gotten hurt. He just doesn't think sometimes.

11:09 AM #
I gotta make better choices. Hitting a few parked cars is one thing, but wasting 2 lbs. of ground chuck in the same night is unacceptable.

12:21 PM #
Orderin an XL Papa John's. It's best to give yourself a nice treat before kicking off a healthy week. Gonna really stuff myself stupid.

05:49 PM #
Polished off the rest of the Papa Johns. Didn't want Dave to get any ideas about the lefties. It's my pre-reward for gettin back to my diet.