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DadBoner - Wed Jul 27 2011

12:33 PM #
Snuck into the ladies room last night and took a MONSTER bm, then clogged the toilet really good with tp. Tellin everyone nosey lady did it.

12:34 PM #
Nosey lady is all steamed about the ladies room clog, which makes her look even more suspicious. She who smelt it, clogged it.

12:35 PM #
If nosey lady wants to start a toilet war, just call me Rambo, you guys.

12:39 PM #
I guess nosey lady had to plunge my bm out of the toilet herself. Ha! Revenge is dish best served as soul crushing humiliation.

01:02 PM #
Nosey lady informed me that they wanna have a meeting with me in an hr. about my complaint letter. Time for justice. Better make some notes.

03:25 PM #
Had my meeting. They said, "We understand that you became upset with our policy on restroom usage. However it is incomprehensible how...

03:27 PM #
...a grown man could be driven to defecate in public behind his place of work because he had to wait just 10 minutes for a restroom key.

03:29 PM #
While we aren't forcing you to do so, you may want to consult a therapist as this is not acceptable behavior in society.

03:31 PM #
As far as your employment here is concerned, there really is no reference point for us to go from at this time for an employee...

03:32 PM #
...defecating on the company's property, in a place other than a restroom. Also, please know what you did was illegal.

03:33 PM #
Unfortunately, Karl, we have no other choice but to suspend you from work for one week, with pay, until we can sort out the situation."

03:35 PM #
Sorry to curse, but fuck those assholes. Sue me for not wanting to shit my pants like a retard. I'm going to Paddy's. Sick of this.