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DadBoner - Thu Jul 28 2011

12:18 PM #
Got pretty banged up at Paddy's last night. Gettin temporarily laid off is stressful. Woke up on the deck at Ann's, don't know how.

12:20 PM #
Ann & the kids didn't see me. Good thing. Looks like I tore up the lawn pretty good with the Sebring.

12:22 PM #
Really lookin' forward to the...well, I guess when you're layed off, everyday is the weekend. Could be worse, you guys.

12:24 PM #
Gonna take advantage of my time off. Gotta alot of projects to finish up. Might work on my restaurant idea for Captain Karl's Pizza Ship.

12:41 PM #
Headed to the store for some markers, cold ones, & a dry erase board. With a whole week off, Captain Karl's Pizza Ship could be a go.

01:37 PM #
Gotta make a snack before I start my project. Gives you brain energy. Goin for some Triscuits & mayo. Such a winning combination.

01:40 PM #
When I was a kid, I always had Triscuits & mayo after school. Now they have off the hook flavors like Rosemary & Olive Oil. Real big flavor.

01:44 PM #
I'm laid off, but I can't let my diet go out the window. Skip the chips & dip, and keep it in the health zone w/ Triscuits & LOW FAT mayo.

01:56 PM #
The first rule of Captain Karl's Pizza Ship is; you can get Cheetos on ANYTHING for an extra $1. Guy Fieri would come stop by in a second.

02:07 PM #
The 2nd rule at Captain Karl's Pizza Ship; ONLY handicrapper sized stalls. Everyone is special at Captain Karl's, not just the cripples.

02:09 PM #
3rd Rule of Captain Karl's Pizza Ship; complimentary Triscuits & mayo when you're seated. An old treat from the 7 seas!

02:14 PM #
4th rule of Captain Karl's Pizza Ship; no vegan fake meat and cheese crap. This isn't Captain Hippie's Soy Trash Barge for sissies.

02:19 PM #
5th rule of Captain Karl's Pizza Ship: Our sandwiches are served "piled high" with choice of fries or Cpt. Karl's mashed & country gravy.

02:21 PM #
Feel like I've gotten so much done today. I gotta say, if you want to chase a dream, take a crap in public on your work property, you guys.

02:33 PM #
6th rule of Captain Karl's Pizza Ship; Only C-DD cup sea wench waitresses. Like Hooter's but less trashy. NO dude waiters. Ruins a meal.

03:05 PM #
Quittin' time. The best part about bein' laid off is YOU'RE the boss. Headin' to cold one city, and it's well earned, I might add.

07:43 PM #
Friggin' Dave drew a big pair of knockers on my dry erase notes for Captain Karl's Pizza Ship. He doesn't know anything about business.