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DadBoner - Fri Jul 29 2011

10:53 AM #
Is it any wonder, I've got toooo much time on my Friday?! ToomuchtimeonmyFriday! ToomuchtimeonmyFriday! Happy Friday, you workin stiffs. Ha!

10:56 AM #
Started my day off with a cold brew & an egg sandwich. Bein your own boss is the life. I feel like that gay fella who owns Virgin airlines.

11:02 AM #
Dave has the day off today too. He doesn't understand that I work for myself now so it's not just dick around time. Gotta chase my dream!

11:05 AM #
Most people are happy just havin a soul sucking 9 to 5. Never been my style. But, if you can't hang with the big dogs, stay on the porch.

11:29 AM #
Dave's watching Caddyshack 2 so loud I can hardly get any work done. This is all he does on days off? Captain Karl's Pizza Ship takes focus.

11:32 AM #
7th rule of Captain Karl's Pizza Ship: On summer weekends, shirt & shoes are optional. It'll be like an island paradise with sandy floors.

11:36 AM #
8th rule of Captain Karl's Pizza Ship: Whisky & Wings Wednesday. Get a shot of Jack & a Buffalo wing for just 3 bucks!

11:39 AM #
No Dave, I'm sure I don't want to watch Caddyshack 2. Yes, I know it's hilarious, but I'm trying to build a restaurant empire here.

12:00 PM #
Gotta get one of those countdown to St. Paddy's digital signs for Captain Karl's Pizza Ship. That's how you know a place is a rockin joint.

12:33 PM #
9th rule of Captain Karl's Pizza Ship; Over The Top Tuesdays. Arm wrestling tournament and 50 cent Busch drafts all night long!

12:43 PM #
If everyone had my level of focus and didn't spend so much time screwin off on the computer or boob tube, the world would be a better place.

12:48 PM #
Workin on the plans for Captain Karl's Pizza Ship lets me know what MLK must have felt like when he was workin on his dream. It's important.

01:20 PM #
Just saw today is National Chicken Wing Day! Goin to BW3s! Even MLK would take time off from his dream for such a celebration, you guys.