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DadBoner - Sun Aug 07 2011

02:30 PM #
Just gettin up and around. That late night breakfast binge gave me gas. Kept wakin up every 5 minutes dreaming I was crashin a motorcycle.

03:04 PM #
Dave's trying to convince me that most dudes get peener haircuts now. For what? Picture day? What an idiot.

03:08 PM #
I'm not screwin around by my business with any scissors or blades of any sort. Playin beauty shop on your junk seems kinda fruity.

03:10 PM #
Seems like we're nearing the end of days for real macho men. You think Charles Bronson woulda clippered his junk mane? No.

03:45 PM #
Now Dave has me all self conscious that my guy shrub is out of style. Is gettin a peener trim DIY or make an appointment somewhere?