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DadBoner - Mon Aug 08 2011

12:31 PM #
Monday. Sick of this. Wish I was dead.

01:46 PM #
When you get a paid suspension from work for takin a BK crap behind a dumpster, all you can think about is doin it again. Pride's overrated.

03:55 PM #
Finally home. That was a rough one. Looks like it's a Jack Daniels & Hungry Man supper night. Such a winning combination. Really on point.

09:52 PM #
Can't sleep, thought the Hungry Man Bourbon Steak Strips would really compliment the Jack Daniels. Heartburn City. Want to die.

09:53 PM #
I gotta get this Hungry Man supper outta my stomach. Gonna pound some milk for a smooth upchuck. It's an old sailor trick, you guys.