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DadBoner - Thu Aug 11 2011

11:33 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

11:41 AM #
They hired a new black fella at work. He's got an earring too! Think we should be buddies. Really take on the man.

11:43 AM #
An earring, mock turtleneck, and moustache is just such a winning combination on the brothers. Looks so silky smooth.

12:23 PM #
Asked the new black fella if he wanted to sneak out for an Arby's Jamocha shake break. Said he's "a'ight." He's so chillin', you guys.

12:50 PM #
I wonder if the new black guy likes the Commodores? I bet. I like the Commodores too. Gonna ask him. We should chill sometime.

03:58 PM #
Just maxin and relaxin at the crib with my main man Dave. Tryin to keep it on the chillin tip, a'ight?

04:42 PM #
Thinkin about orderin The Best of Soul Train. Those funky soul grooves really take me back. Plus, the sistas are outtasight, you guys.

07:56 PM #
Gonna wear my Kangol tomorrow. It'll make the new black guy feel like he's not the only funky soul brother at work.

08:01 PM #
Always did pride myself in makin newcomers feel welcome. Plus, if I teamed up with the new black guy at work, no one's gonna mess with us.

08:20 PM #
When a white guy teams up with a black guy, anything is possible. Shoot outs, adventures, tons of laughs, foxy cocoa honeys. Anything.

09:53 PM #
Better hit the sack. Super pumped for Friday, you guys. Gonna kick it with the new black guy. Vernon seems pretty a'ight.