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DadBoner - Fri Aug 12 2011

11:14 AM #
Weekend haze, around my head. Friday in the sky! Happy Friday, you guys. Keep it chillin.

03:31 PM #
Vernon said it'd be cool if me and Dave met him out at the club later tonight. Never been to the club! Super pumped. Supposed to text me.

03:58 PM #
Told Dave, if he wants to wear cargo shorts to the club, then he can just stay home. He's embarrassing. Wearin my silk shirt. Heavy cologne.

04:00 PM #
Can't wait to show off my dance moves. Black folks appreciate the classics like the robot and the worm. Get down. Get funky fresh.

04:06 PM #
Warmin up with some orange pop & Hennessy. Hear that's what the brothers crave to get pumped for the club. Not so smooth, but when in Rome.

04:09 PM #
Hennessy kinda tastes like kerosine. The brothers must like the taste from when they'd have to drink kerosine to get buzzed in the old days.

04:12 PM #
Don't know when Vernon is supposed to "hit me up." Should probably just keep a solid buzz goin all night to be ready whenever.

04:30 PM #
Dave did a shot of Hennessy. Good luck hurling later. Only full on soul brothers can do that. Honkeys can't handle it full strength.