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DadBoner - Sun Aug 14 2011

12:46 PM #
So hungover from those Mike's Harder Punch mangos. Gonna drink a few more so I can focus on the PGA. Watching golf sober is stupid.

12:48 PM #
Dave keeps calling me "Chocolate Love." About to punch his face in. I didn't know it was a dude! Thought it was a cocoa honey. Sick of this.

12:52 PM #
When you accidentally dirty dance on a black guy's butt, then puke Hennessy all over his back, it's not gay. Just kinda locker room hijinks.

12:57 PM #
And, I GUARANTEE if that HAD been a sweet soul sista, my moves woulda had her in an African heat frenzy. I can get down.

01:00 PM #
I wish my son was black. Young brothers aren't into that Harry Potter garbage unless it's Magic Johnson.

09:53 PM #
Hittin the sack. Work tomorrow. Sick of this. Sick of everything. Nothing's ever good. So, sick of this.