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DadBoner - Fri Aug 19 2011

10:54 AM #
Weekend wasteland! It's only weekend wasteland! Weekend wasteland, oh yeah!! WE'RE ALL WASTED!!! Happy Friday to ya, you guys.

12:50 PM #
Holy crap. Heard Guy Fieri is going to the Tiger game today. Gonna see if Dave & Al wanna crew up and go. Might meet the man!

12:55 PM #
Pretty sure if Guy and the Triple D gang hooked up with the Welzein boys, it'd be a bold flavor and cold one explosion for the books.

01:02 PM #
Screw this. Gonna try and get out of work early. Gotta get down to Comerica. Might be my chance to tell Guy about Captain Karl's Pizza Ship.

01:07 PM #
When you meet Guy Fieri, you have to play it cool. Elvis never made pals with dudes who acted like a little girl with they shook his hand.

01:09 PM #
I never ask for favors, but if anyone knows Guy Fieri, let him know I'm comin to the Tiger game and wanna hang, you guys.

01:12 PM #
I'm pretty sure if I could just get some one on one time with Guy Fieri, my life would change forever. He has it all figured out.

01:25 PM #
Plus, if anyone knows how many people Dave Thomas had murdered to keep Wendy's prices the same for 20 years, it's Guy Fieri.

01:28 PM #
Gonna make a big batch of Mai Tai roadies for the trip to the Tiger game. Gotta be loose on bold flavors for when I meet Guy.

01:32 PM #
When you're gettin ripped on Mai Tais in a Sebring with the top down, blaring some Seger, you feel like a god, and anything is possible.

02:50 PM #
( Y ) HAHAHAHAHA!!! Ken just showed me that. Can't stop laughing! Gonna show Dave & Al later. (it's a babe's privates)

02:52 PM #
Gotta get outta here and haul butt to Comerica. Look out Guy Fieri, you're about to have a rendezvous with Captain Karl & company.