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DadBoner - Wed Aug 24 2011

10:30 AM #
Brought my food donation box for Virginia to work, everyone said they didn't need it. Who doesn't want canned goods after a disaster?!

10:31 AM #
I think everyone's just jealous that I was gonna get all the credit for the good deed. They were all on board when we sent one to Asia.

10:35 AM #
Vernon never showed up for work again. Wonder if he got sacked? Might have to call Jesse Jackson on this one.

10:36 AM #
Goin to BW3s for some Hot BBQ wings and a few cold ones. Being a philanthropist makes you work up a mean hunger, you guys.

07:13 PM #
Been snackin' on this Domino's pizza all week. Not that good, but such a great value. Really over ordered, but it's payin' off.

07:15 PM #
Pizzaries: When you order way too much pizza so you don't have to buy groceries for the week.