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DadBoner - Thu Aug 25 2011

11:39 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

12:26 PM #
Dave ran into my old flame, Brenda, from highschool at Paddy's last night. She had the 3rd biggest boobs in class. Real choice.

12:27 PM #
Dave said Brenda's havin a big bash on Saturday and wants us to stop by. If Ann only knew, she'd freak! Can't wait to catch up on old times.

12:30 PM #
Dave said Brenda's not quite as good in the face area anymore, but her cans are still healthy. Maybe even bigger.

12:31 PM #
Goin to do some pushups in the john. Gotta look GOOD for Brenda. Show I still got the goods.

01:34 PM #
Did 15 pushups in the john. Bod is feelin' tight. Gonna really knock Brenda's socks off. Gotta keep it healthy 'til Saturday.

01:41 PM #
Not gonna eat anything but canned tuna and granola bars until Brenda's Saturday bash. Wanna get lean & mean in case I take my shirt off.

01:47 PM #
Gonna hit GNC later. See if there's a supplement that turns fat into poop. It has to exist by now.

02:36 PM #
If I can crap out a few extra pounds of fat by Saturday, might have to pull the ol' "accidental BBQ sauce spill" and pop my jersey.

02:38 PM #
Anytime you want to take your shirt off in front of a gal, just spill BBQ sauce on yourself. Makes it so you're not showin off.