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DadBoner - Sun Aug 28 2011

02:36 PM #
Had a blast at Brenda's last night. She threw a monster bash. Must've been 25 people there. It was dynamite.

02:39 PM #
Dave behaved himself. Was proud of him. He only ripped one juicy cut that was nasty (brats, understandable) but otherwise kept it together.

02:43 PM #
I was getting righteous on the dance floor. Broke out the funky worm to some Gap Band. Always a crowd pleaser. Leaked a little stool though.

02:44 PM #
Had to go in the john to ditch my undies due to my funky worm wet gas release. Felt good to go cowboy like a rock star.

02:47 PM #
Worked up a mean sweat with my moves. Asked Brenda if she'd help take off my Big Dogs tee. She obliged with kindness. Offered me a towel.

02:51 PM #
Brenda took me in her room for privacy so I could wipe my body down. Could tell she liked what she saw. I've been crappin out fat all week.

02:54 PM #
Brenda's cans looked so delish, I had to get it on. I put some Back in Black on her boombox, and went in for a little smooch.

02:58 PM #
Brenda started goin wild. She took her shirt off and it was ripe bomb city. (big gutso & her face were old, but it was dark and I was randy)

03:01 PM #
When you're getting busy with an old flame, it doesn't matter if you're attracted to them, you just let the memories heat up the situation.

03:02 PM #
Brenda undid her bra and the twins fell out like I died and went to hog heaven, you guys.

03:04 PM #
We were gettin pretty hot & heavy, I was all over those big beauties. It's been awhile. Then Dave busted in to take a crap. Brenda freaked.

03:05 PM #
Dave stood there starin at Brenda's rack like he's never seen a girl before, asking if he could #2 in her toilet 'cause the other one broke.

03:08 PM #
When a man has to make a BM, you let him, even if you're enjoyin a babes large & lovelies. Brenda's breath smelled like Doritos anyway.

03:23 PM #
Brenda was kind of a cold fish after Dave saw her cans & destroyed her john, but maybe we'll meet up another time. Old flames die hard.

03:49 PM #
Dave feels bad bout ruinin my 2nd base action with his brat diarrhea. Treated me to Gardettos and Vodka & Vernor's tonight. Real bold combo.

03:58 PM #
Gardetto's has the bold european taste that sophisticated snack connoisseurs like me crave. Almost as good as Combo's.