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DadBoner - Fri Sep 02 2011

12:19 PM #
'Cause it's once, twice, three days this weekend! Happy Friday, you guys. Kind of a rough week. Gotta cut loose, kick off my Friday shoes.

12:21 PM #
Went to get Dave's Skylark back from Brenda last night. She wasn't home so we went in the back door to try and find the keys.

12:23 PM #
Brenda's house is pretty disgusting. Dirty dishes everywhere. 4 cats. Big framed Patrick Swayze poster though which was kinda cool.

12:25 PM #
Dave kept dickin around instead of trying to find the keys. Went through her fridge for 10 minutes trying to find his lefties from Big Boy.

12:31 PM #
I kept yellin at Dave to forget his stupid Big Boy lefties and find his keys. That's when Brenda pulled in the driveway.

12:33 PM #
We had to pile out the backdoor and hop a fence. Dave pulled his groin and ripped his golf shirt. Not me, I watch Cops.

12:50 PM #
Walked around the block, then made Dave go up the door. Brenda wouldn't answer. Gonna have to break in again later. Kinda fun actually.

01:05 PM #
Told Dave he could use the Sebring until we can steal his Skylark back. One rule: no drivin & strokin. I know what he does sometimes.

01:25 PM #
Labor day weekend is the time when we all celebrate the deep hate of our jobs by getting blackout drunk unless you're an unemployed idiot.

02:23 PM #
I hate to be crass, but whoever made the decision to have us work a full day needs a dogshit sandwich smashed in their face.