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DadBoner - Sun Sep 04 2011

12:41 PM #
Got pretty messed up last night. Didn't mean to. Tried to take 'er easy, but the night was callin'. Went to Crazy Cooter's with Dave.

12:50 PM #
Crazy Cooter is the piece of garbage you hang out with for good times, even though everyone hates his guts.

12:52 PM #
Told Crazy Cooter about Brenda takin Dave's Skylark. He got all nuts about it. Punched a hole in his drywall and made us go over there.

01:02 PM #
Crazy Cooter said he could hotwire Dave's Skylark. Busted open the window with a cinder block. Said, "there was no time for discussion."

01:06 PM #
Of course, Crazy Cooter had NO IDEA how to hotwire Dave's Skyark. He just started punching the dashboard and screaming.

01:08 PM #
A bunch of lights came on in the neighborhood and we got the rock outta there. I guess Crazy Cooter is on probation.

01:19 PM #
I think Crazy Cooter has anger issues. Maybe he just needs a hug. Not from me though. He smells like wet cigarette butts.

01:51 PM #
Gonna just kickback today. Gotta rest up for the big celebration tomorrow. Eatin some Ruffles Loaded Chili & Cheese. Bold taste sensation.

04:19 PM #
I just ate a whole bag of Ruffles, you guys. Life isn't so bad.