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DadBoner - Mon Sep 05 2011

12:17 PM #
Haven't really heard about any rockin parties today. Guess Crazy Cooter drove his motorcycle into his above ground pool and it's a disaster.

12:23 PM #
Don't know how Crazy Cooter could afford to have a motorcycle AND an above ground pool. He's a lucky piece of garbage.

12:27 PM #
Crazy Cooter said, "he came home last night all gacked out on his bike, was like, f*ck it, and gunned it into the side of his pool."

12:29 PM #
"F*ck it?!" That's your reasoning for slamming a motorcycle into the side of an above ground pool? Woulda been great to see, but it's sad.

12:30 PM #
Might see what Ann & the kids are up to. Families are a last ditch effort for holiday parties, but it'll give her a thrill if I popped by.

01:53 PM #
Ann said she'd rather I didn't but if I can "act like an adult" I can stop by for "a little." Makin a booze grab bag and headin over.