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DadBoner - Fri Sep 09 2011

11:48 AM #
Go ahead, make my Friday. (That's from Dirty Harry, you guys. such a classic.) Ha!

12:01 PM #
Had a scare this morning. Dave tried to open a can of baked beans with scissors. Real disaster. Can't be too careful about the AIDS.

12:03 PM #
Chances are, Dave doesn't have the AIDS. But he doesn't have a doctor or health insurance either, so gotta be careful.

12:05 PM #
Dave stuck his hand pretty bad with those scissors. They're going in the trash. Then he ruined my Lions bath towel. Pretty steamed.

12:07 PM #
After Dave wrapped his hand in toiletpaper, he just ate the rest of the beans out of the bloody can! I got lightheaded and had to sit down.

12:10 PM #
Drank a Vernor's and felt better. Told Dave he should probably go get stitches. He didn't want to ruin his day off. Hope his hand falls off.

12:25 PM #
Dave's always sayin how he's holding out for free health care. Yeah right. This is America, not some lazy 3rd world charity country.

12:27 PM #
People who have health care EARNED it with hard work, Dave. And like doctor's are just gonna be cool earning a crappy teacher's salary.

12:29 PM #
You think people are gonna study for years to be a POOR doctor, just to help people? Maybe a few idiots, but that's it.

04:12 PM #
Home sweet home, Cold One City, USA. Here's to a great weekend & good friends, all across the nation. Make it special, you guys.