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DadBoner - Tue Sep 13 2011

11:24 AM #
Made a big batch of Bologna Salad Sandwich Spread last night you guys. Man, sure takes me back. Such a classic.

11:48 AM #
Captain Karl's Olde Tyme Bologna Salad Sandwich Spread is a midwestern treat with savory Michigan flavors the whole family can enjoy.

11:50 AM #
I like to start with a pound of Koegel's ring bologna. Koegel's is the only way to go in the bold flavor bologna game, you guys.

11:55 AM #
Finely chop the bologna or toss it in your food processor. Dave got drunk and broke ours putting crayons in it so it was alot of work.

12:00 PM #
Then dice up 1/2 cup of white onion. Again, if you have a food processor, use it. And I just take a guess. Dave lost the measurin cups.

12:01 PM #
Some people like to use a 1/2 cup of sweet relish. I like 1/4 cup sweet, and 1/4 cup dill pickles. (just a little bold flavor trick)

12:05 PM #
That's when we get to the mayo vs. Miracle Whip debate. I like to mix it up and go 1/4 cup MDub & 1/4 cup mayo, but Dave ate all the mayo.

12:06 PM #
Some people like to add hard cooked eggs, but I like sticking with straight bologna. No need to screw with Koegel's bologna perfection.

12:08 PM #
Mix the crap out of it, add pepper and garlic powder to taste or maybe some Lawry's to break it off the chain for bold flavor lovers.

12:16 PM #
I likes my Captain Karl's Bologna Spread on Spatz's toast. Picked up a few loaves for the freeze on my last trip to the Bay City Hooter's.

12:20 PM #
Might have Dave tape me makin my dish to send into Food Network. Captain Karl's Fine Midwestern Cuisines would be such a hit, you guys.

01:48 PM #
Dreamin about my own food show is makin the day easier. I could never be as big as Guy, but I'd wipe the floor with that Aaron Nachoz guy.

02:00 PM #
I've gotta get outta this job. It's frustrating to be an idea man trapped in a cage when there's so many corncobs out there in the big time.

02:09 PM #
Feel like I could add rockin flavors to the Food Network. There's no way anyone likes havin that Sandra Lee around. Like a wife from hell.

02:12 PM #
And those cake shows have to hit the bricks too. Those are for gals and sissies. Put 'em on the Oprah channel for the chunkies to watch.

03:00 PM #
Leavin work early (family emergency). Gonna have Dave tape my Food Network demo. Time to be the shining rockstar I know I can be.