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DadBoner - Fri Sep 16 2011

01:09 PM #
Just gettin around. Woke up in the Sebring this morning covered in top shelf puke. Musta been a bad batch of margs. Happy Friday, you guys.

01:20 PM #
Called in sick. When you're feelin ill, doesn't matter how you got that way. I've had 11 margs before and been fine. I'm not irresponsible.

01:26 PM #
Haven't seen Dave today. Think he might be steamed cause I sent him that black stripper and stole everything he had to live for.

01:37 PM #
Hope Dave's not dead. I'd be sad for almost the whole weekend. Ha!

02:58 PM #
Makin a big juicy steak. It'll really hit the spot. When you toss your cookies, you gotta let your body know who's boss with a solid meal.

06:38 PM #
Friday off, had a big steak, grilled some back up brats for later, 12 pack down, Crown to go, watched Roadhouse twice. American dreamin.