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DadBoner - Sat Sep 17 2011

02:40 PM #
If you didn't go to Notre Dame and you're a Notre Dame fan, you got your life all wrong, buddy. Quit livin a bullcrap lie.

02:41 PM #
Hey Notre Dame, I got your Touchdown Jesus right here. In my pants. If you catch my drift, you guys.

02:58 PM #
Most Notre Dame fans are just churchy corncobs who were too stupid to even go to school there. It's pretty sad.

02:59 PM #
God doesn't care about Notre Dame football. The big man's too busy with important stuff like the troops and the good ol' USA.

03:08 PM #
I got nothin against Notre Dame or the man upstairs, but I don't take kindly to punks walkin around actin like they're better than me.

03:19 PM #
I mean, I didn't go to MSU or U of M. But I gotta root for 'em. I'm a Michigan man.

04:05 PM #
At the end of a football game, it doesn't matter who won or lost. It only matters if you're drunk as crap.

04:21 PM #
Has anyone seen Dave?