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DadBoner - Tue Sep 20 2011

12:37 PM #
Dave's not home yet. He's "dealing with family death stuff." A time frame would be nice. I made a huge Taco Salad that's getting soggy.

12:40 PM #
I'm gonna start the mourning without Dave I guess. Makin a pitcher of Mai Tais. Dave's dead dad would appreciate the island flavors.

12:51 PM #
Marinating some steaks in my special "Remembrance Recipe." Never met Dave's dead dad, but you'll never forget the taste of these ribeyes.

01:11 PM #
Crap, forgot to send my email to work! They'll understand if it's late. Partying hard for a pal's dead dad makes you forgetful.

03:19 PM #
Whether you're gettin day drunk cause some old man died, or partyin your butt off on a Friday night, Bob Seger is always the right choice.

03:45 PM #
Wish Dave would hurry up and get here. On my 3rd pitcher of Mai Tais and ate all the Taco Salad. Steaks are marinaded to perfection.

04:46 PM #
So ripped off these Mai Tais. Wish Dave could see how hard I'm party mourning for his dead dad. Gonna fire up the grill. Such a great day.

04:48 PM #
When someone has a family member die, if you don't go bonkers with the drinks and eats, you might as well just spit on the grave, you guys.