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DadBoner - Fri Sep 23 2011

11:59 AM #
Cold ones, I've had a few.

12:00 PM #
But then again, had snacks for munchin'.

12:00 PM #
I did what I had to do, did some Wing Wednesday lunchin'.

12:00 PM #
Dave’s dad died of course, he’s on heaven’s highway.

12:02 PM #
And more, much more than this, it’s finally Friiiiiidaaaaaaay!!!!

12:05 PM #
That was a parody of "My Way" by the #1 Chairman Goombah, Mr. Frankie S. Might send it to Weird Al! Happy Friday, you guys.

12:23 PM #
Frankie Sinats was one of the greats. Booze, babes, treatin people like garbage. Just the best. Such a strong Italian hero.

12:26 PM #
Workin' on the "My Way" parody and thinkin' about Frank got me hankerin' for some Olive Garden. Gonna whack some AYCE breadsticks. Ha!

12:33 PM #
Might give Ann a jingle. See if she wants a little romance. Olive Garden was always our, "special place." Drives any babe wild, really.

01:26 PM #
Hair might be long enough in the back now for a mini rockin ponytail. Man, if Ann saw that she'd go bonkers with desire.

01:27 PM #
If you have a ponytail AND you take a babe to Olive Garden, there's a 110% chance of doing the nasty, you guys.

01:50 PM #
If you have a ponytail, you have a ponytail. Size doesn't matter. It's not like your peener. All babes crave a man with any rockin pony.

02:06 PM #
Big news; just saw Olive Garden brought back the Never Ending Pasta Bowl. It's just so indulgent. Super pumped.

02:17 PM #
Ann is in for Olive Garden! Gonna sneak outta work early. Gotta shower, do some pushups, put on smellin goods, and work on my ponytail.

02:50 PM #
Olive Garden really stays true to it's rich Italian heritage of bold flavors, strong drinks, and healthy chest beefers on the waitresses.

02:55 PM #
Alot of people are turned off by Italians 'cause they're always loudmouth idiots or murderers on tv. But at the Olive Garden, you're family.