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DadBoner - Sat Sep 24 2011

01:04 PM #
Olive Garden supper with Ann was a disaster. She didn't notice my rockin mini ponytail. That was the whole point of the date. Bummed.

01:06 PM #
I kept turning my back to her like I was checking something out, showcasing the pony. She just asked "is there was something wrong?"

01:09 PM #
Told Ann "my back was wrenched from an extreme workout sesh and I needed a really deep rubdown." She didn't take the hint

01:13 PM #
I knew it was time to get bad to the tone. That's when I ordered Never Ending Pasta Bowl #5. It was a real power move.

01:40 PM #
If a babe isn't impressed with you eating 5 bowls of pasta from Olive Garden, she must be havin lady time and not interested in romance.