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DadBoner - Sun Sep 25 2011

12:43 PM #
Had to take it easy yesterday. 5 bowls of Olive Garden pasta does strange things to a man. But, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

12:46 PM #
Watching the Lions game. Pretty stressful. I feel like I could drink a thousand beers right now.

12:56 PM #
When is Domino's gonna stop trying to trick everyone into thinking their garbage is fancy? Sick of this. I'm a Papa John's man. Back off.

12:58 PM #
I'll admit, the Domino's pizza tracker is a fun game. But they just seem so desperate to get into the bold flavor lifestyle. It's kinda sad.

01:05 PM #
The Lions playing well is like watchin a slow kid win the Special Olympics. Feels good, but you know they'll probably start a fire later.

01:08 PM #
Sometimes I wish my son was an athletic retarded kid instead of a sissy who's only likes magic and Lunchables. Think we'd be closer.

01:23 PM #
If a football game goes into overtime and you don't start in with shots of the hard stuff, you should just turn the game off.

01:37 PM #
Detroit Lions! 3-0, baby! Super pumped. First time I've seen Dave smile since his Dad ate it. We're gonna get so rocked, you guys!

01:46 PM #
Dave just cranked up some Stranglehold. That's how you know it's on, you guys.

02:17 PM #
No hassle football and excessive drinking on a Sunday is what being separated from your wife and family is all about. Livin the dream.

02:55 PM #
Wonder if Ann misses my alpha male presence on football Sundays? Pure testosterone in the air, screaming, punching. Real bad boy action.

03:03 PM #
Dave's tryin to instigate a house rule of open door #2s during football so we don't miss anything. I'm so torn on this one, you guys.

08:44 PM #
Couldn't crap with the door open with Dave home. He had no problem. Tried all night. Feel like he's got something on my now. So steamed.