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DadBoner - Wed Sep 28 2011

12:01 PM #
Happy Wing Wednesday, you guys. Took down 18 Mango Habs. Worked up a mean hunger playin stepdaddy to new single mom & her son.

12:08 PM #
New single mom's name is Jody. Really dig the sound of it. Kind of a rugged sexy vibe.

12:11 PM #
Jody smokes INSIDE of her apartment. I can tell she likes to party. Real laid back. I quit, but had 6 or 7 More Menthols to be polite.

12:15 PM #
Brought Jody my Captain Carlos' Enchiladas Especial. Muy authentico bold Mexicali flavors. Loaded with beef & 6 cheeses, it's always a hit.

12:17 PM #
When I showed up at her door, Jody seemed a little hesitant, but I think my 'rang, pony, & 'logne just screamed, "well howdy, stranger."

12:20 PM #
When ya bring free food & a sixer of importeds to a single mom's door, you could have a bloody axe in your hand and she'd still let you in.

02:07 PM #
Let me tell ya folks, Jody's son Jesse can really put away the grub for an 8 year old. He's husky healthy. I call him "Big J."

02:11 PM #
Big J likes Captain Carlos' Enchiladas Especial loaded with sour cream AND ranch. Always nice to see a young man who craves bold flavors.

02:16 PM #
Feel like I really bonded with Big J. We both like the Lions and extra sour cream. He's like the son I wish I had instead of my son.

02:18 PM #
Jody doesn't say much. She's just happy to watch her Housewives programs and smoke. Such a great gal. Really low maintenance.

02:29 PM #
Gave Jody the extra long hug before I left. Pulled her in real safe & tight. No smooch. Playin it cool, you guys.

02:29 PM #
Don't know what's up for later. Might stop by Jody's. See what's goin on.

11:24 PM #
jodys' jsut might not b"e ready for a relationsniop" right nwo. just tyrin to firgure it out over some crown, our giusy.

11:26 PM #
when a a babes in a rough spt makin an livin like trash, ouo gotta makin it happaen just becaause love os so rare lieke a bold flavro.

11:27 PM #
by you gurs, gonnna make the abarf