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DadBoner - Sun Oct 02 2011

12:46 PM #
Got pretty bombed with Big J last night. Passed out. Woke up and Big J was drinking one of my cold ones, eatin Pizza Rolls. Such a good kid.

12:51 PM #
Jody didn't get back 'til 3am. Had Big J all tucked in. He only puked once. Think Jode was impressed, but she had to lay down in the john.

12:55 PM #
Wonder what Jody and Big J are up to? Gonna stop by after the Lions. See if Big J wants to catch the rest of the Tigers with his main man.

02:52 PM #
Jody said she has to go run some important errands with her friend. Gonna keep an eye on Big J. Good to show Jody I can provide support.

02:54 PM #
Made me and Big J a huge platter of Captain Carlos' Macho Nachos. Starts with a Chipotle Ranch base. That's my secret. Celebratin the Lions!

03:08 PM #
Told Big J he could have an ice cold Busch for the Lions victory. Gotta show him how to be a man. Age 8 is important for development.

03:13 PM #
Big J wants another cold one if the Tigers win. Odds are, they won't pull it out. Said sure. Kids are gullible.

03:49 PM #
Tigers won. Shouldn't give Big J another cold one, but I made a promise. Better to be a man of your word than do the right thing, you guys.

04:01 PM #
Whoa, Big J really pounded that Busch like a champ. Trying not to encourage him to drink, but I can't help but be impressed.

04:09 PM #
It's illegal to give your kids beer. But if it's someone else's kid, drinkin's good fun as long as you supervise and have a few with 'em.