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DadBoner - Mon Oct 03 2011

01:21 PM #
Big J drew me for his art class homework. My suggestion. I helped a lil' with some final touches. I think it rocks! The theme was "heroes."

01:23 PM #
Spilled a cold one and some pizza sauce on the drawing, but I think it really captures the moment of creativity, you guys.

01:42 PM #
Might have Big J do a few more drawings. Think this kid really has something special. Gotta nurture his talent.

02:15 PM #
Big J called. Guess the teacher wouldn't let him put his drawing up 'cause it was messy. He's bummed. Told him we'll make a better one.

02:16 PM #
Really steamed at Big J's teacher for not letting him have his picture up in class. But like I always say, when life gives you a problem...

02:19 PM # kick that son of a bitch in the teeth. This is America, not some pinko garbage country. These colors don't run, you guys.

03:25 PM #
Takin off. Pickin up some Arby's Ultimate Angus Phillys for me and Big J before we work on the new drawing. Good protein for creativity.

03:28 PM #
When you got a pal who's down in the dumps from bein teased at school, just tell it gets better and buy em some Arby's. It's good mood food.

04:46 PM #
Gonna have a little more "input" on Big J's drawing of me for tomorrow. The kid deserves an A. It's gonna rock so hard.