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DadBoner - Tue Oct 04 2011

11:13 AM #
Think the new drawing for Big J's school came out dynamite. "Helped" alot more this time. Let him sign it though and do some lettering.

11:15 AM #
When you pose for any type of portrait, sunglasses just bring out the cool. I'm always more confident in my Maui Jim's, you guys.

11:17 AM #
Had a little "creative control" argument with Big J. Tore his picture a little. Some tape & staples fixed 'er up. Big J is pretty strong.

11:21 AM #
The only problem with pony tails is they're in the back. But, when you turn around for a subtle reveal to a babe, they just go wild.

12:27 PM #
If Big J's art teacher doesn't put his drawing of me, that I worked hard on, up on the wall of heroes, I'm goin' down to that school.

04:27 PM #
Guess Jody's goin out for the night. Gonna hang with my main man Big J and watch the Tigers. She's really lettin' us bond, mano y lil' mano.

04:30 PM #
Big J's kinda down. His teacher wouldn't put up his new picture of me on the hero wall. Drew the damn thing myself! Really steamed.

04:33 PM #
I'm rockin a pony, a 'rang, smooth Kangol, gold chain, AND a badass Van Halen logo. What part of "hero" doesn't this corncob understand?

04:37 PM #
Makin Big J a batch of my Woppy Karl's Baked Spaghetti. Loaded with spicy italian sausage, it's off the chain with macho comfort.

04:41 PM #
Told Big J, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Unless ya get run over by an Oldsmobile and you're crippled for life or some crap.

04:50 PM #
Goin down to that school at lunch tomorrow. Gonna get up in that teacher's face. Really take him to Maniac City. Gotta bring the thunder.