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DadBoner - Wed Oct 05 2011

11:55 AM #
Just got back from Big J's school. Stopped for a dozen Mango Hab Wings & some cold ones first. Had to be on point with bold strength.

11:59 AM #
They wouldn't let me in because I'm not his "parent." Got all up in the security guard's face bad boy style. He was no Dalton Roadhouse.

12:03 PM #
Told that security guard that I had important business with Big J's art teacher. Kept asking "Who's Big J, sir?" Got really steamed.

12:10 PM #
Told him, "Big J's my main man!" Then he asked if I'd been drinking. Yeah, I'm an ADULT. And I had 3 or 4 brews with lunch because I can.

12:14 PM #
Security guard said he was gonna call the cops. Sissy move. Didn't want a problem so I hit the bricks. Gotta find the teacher's address.

04:46 PM #
Gonna stay in tonight and focus. Doin pushups and drinkin a KFC gravy. Pure protein. Gotta look jacked when I go muscle Big J's art teacher.

04:49 PM #
Focus. Power. Dedication. Strength beyond strength. KFC gravy. These are the tools to get a man's job done with a power move.