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DadBoner - Thu Oct 06 2011

12:09 PM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

01:26 PM #
Told Big J to do some recon and go through the art teacher's desk. Gotta get his address. He's gonna crap when sees me poundin on his door.

01:29 PM #
Takin down a whole jar of extra chunky Skippy. Been doin pushups in the john all day. Really turning my body into a one man gang, you guys.

06:54 PM #
Man, these cold ones are goin down so smooth, you guys. Brewskis taste better when the Tigers are winning. Or anytime the Yankees are losin.

07:00 PM #
Was CC Sabathia in the Fat Boys? Ha! Remember the Fat Boys, you guys? Only rapper fellas ever worth a crap. All about good vibes & eats.

07:06 PM #
Watchin the game with Dave & Big J. Dave keeps laughing at the name "Fister." Little crude for my taste. Dave has zero class.

07:21 PM #
Never been to NYC. Just wouldn't fit in. Fancy big city ain't no place for a rugged MI man. Plus, I hear their Chili's is exactly the same.

07:35 PM #
I don't hate the Yanks. I'm an American. But sometimes in battle, it's brother vs. brother. God Bless America really got me thinkin.

07:37 PM #
New Yorkers are my USA brothers forever. I just don't think if they had a pool they'd invite me over, so I have to root for the Tigers.

08:44 PM #
Bless you boys! Double Crown & Diets for me & Dave, a whole 2 liter of Faygo Moon Mist for Big J! Time to party so hard, you guys!

08:46 PM #
Good game, New York. That one rocked. But tonight, We Are The Champions, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!

08:48 PM #
Jody's still out. Told Big J he could stay up and party with me & Dave. It's not technically a "school night" anymore when your team wins.