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DadBoner - Fri Oct 07 2011

12:19 AM #
keepin the party goin!! thet igers really did it bigf time!~ screw wokr and schooo tomoorow cran k up sthe seger!!!!

12:19 AM #
BVrig J

12:21 AM #
AHHHAHHAHAHHAHA you fuys!!! Man dsave is brfing in the trahs can!! hahahahahahh1h111h1 !!!!!

12:11 PM #
Tryin to piece together last night, you guys. Really hurtin after the Tigers celebration. Did it right judging by how destroyed the pad is.

12:14 PM #
Looks like Big J did some of his art pieces on the wall. Pretty sure I encouraged it. The Papa Grande portrait is actually a nice touch.

12:19 PM #
Had Big J call work as my son. Told him to say, "Daddy took mommy to the hopsbital." Family Circus humor is a great smokescreen.

12:21 PM #
90% of the kitchen is covered in either barf or smashed Pizza Rolls. All looks the same, hard to tell the difference.

12:25 PM #
Told Big J he could have the day off from school. Frankly, I don't want him goin back there until I kick his art teacher's ass back to 1984.

12:47 PM #
If your team wins a big one, and you don't at least cause a little destruction to your own property, you're just a fair weather fan.

06:20 PM #
Here's to the possibility of a Great Lakes World Series, you guys! Super pumped.

06:23 PM #
Had a 6 or 9 cold ones to take edge off. Was feelin beat. Gonna hit the sack & rest up for Sat. Cleanin the destruction to the pad can wait.