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DadBoner - Mon Oct 10 2011

11:51 AM #
Got pretty stoned with Dave last night. Ate all the goodies out of the trash. Stuffed Little Debbies with Lil' Smokies. Smokey Debbies.

11:54 AM #
Drugs can open up your mind to the wonders of life. Like combining Lil' Smokies & Little Debbie Swiss Rolls for a bold taste sensation.

12:53 PM #
Didn't have the heart to break the news to Big J last night. Good thing I have the day off for Columbus day so we can watch the Tigers.

01:01 PM #
Probably wait until the Lions game is over too before I have the talk with Big J. Best to be nice and bombed when you break a kid's heart.

01:07 PM #
Dedicating this first cold one to Christopher Columbus, you guys. Here's to a great American hero and a true patriot. USA. Never forget.

04:34 PM #
Really nervous about the Tigers, you guys. Time for double shots of Beam. Gotta maintain focus.

05:46 PM #
God. Damnit.

05:47 PM #
Sick of this.

08:48 PM #
5-0. F*ck yeah, you guys. God bless these Lions. Let the good times roll, all night long!