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DadBoner - Wed Oct 12 2011

11:30 AM #
Pretty banged up, you guys. Had to break the news to Big J last night. Got pretty bombed and went over to Jody's to wake him up at 2am.

11:34 AM #
Slammed on her door for a half hour before she answered. Kinda rude to make me wait like that. 2am or not, it's always time for manners.

11:41 AM #
Woke Big J up and told him we couldn't be bros 'cause his mom didn't want to do adult things with me like have erotic passions.

11:50 AM #
Told Big J, when a gal doesn't have the carnal desire to fill a man's needs, it's time to move on down the line to new babe city.

11:57 AM #
When you break some horrible news to a kid, it's best to do it as a surprise in the middle of the night so it just feels like a nightmare.

12:02 PM #
He was confused, so I had to go man to man with, "We're over Big J, hit the bricks." He looked sad, but I had to whizz so I split.

12:09 PM #
Thank god it's Wing Wednesday. Such a great cheer me up from destroying the world of a young child. When life is hard, get some wings.

09:19 PM #
Tried to drink away the anger, but it's not working. I'm hittin' the sack. So sick of this.