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DadBoner - Thu Oct 13 2011

12:50 PM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

07:25 PM #
What a day. Cut out of work early to see my "back doctor." Watched the Tigers go off the chain with my bro Al at Paddy's. Welzein Bad Boys!

07:29 PM #
Went for the Jack Daniel's Bourbon Burger. Might be my new fave on the Paddy's menu. Really hit the spot with bold booze flavors.

07:31 PM #
Got too smashed on Top Shelf margs to celebrate. But when I'm rollin' with my bro Al, we gotta keep our title as the Bad Boy Party Kings.

07:37 PM #
When the Tigers won, I ripped off my shirt and started Hulkin' up. Was asked to leave. Guess my healthy body is threatening.

07:41 PM #
Went to wait in the Sebring for Al. Couldn't get the door open with my key so I smashed in the window. Was flying high with emotions.

07:42 PM #
Turned out to be someone else's car. Had to get the rock outta there. Hope they had insurance.

07:47 PM #
When you destroy someone else's property, it's ok to just take off if it was truly an accident, you guys. Especially if you're pretty drunk.