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DadBoner - Sat Oct 15 2011

03:00 PM #
Go Green. Sparty on, you guys! Super pumped for the Tigers game. Sippin Vernors & vodkas with Dave. The new Vizio is rockin!

03:01 PM #
Why don't they make cases for TV's like they do for cell phones in case you get in a full on brawl with your pal over yo momma jokes?

03:53 PM #
Dave said he can give me a haircut 'cause his ex worked at BoRics. The shorter the sides, the longer the pony. Might go for it.

06:14 PM #
Dave just ran out to get a 12 pack of crunchies and 4 a them XXL Chalupas. Tryin to rally here for the Motown Boys.

06:18 PM #
Looks like George W's wife is at the game. She's a Ranger fan 'cause she's married to that stupid idiot. Bet she wipes from back to front.

06:21 PM #
I bet my main man Barry O. is down with the Tigers. A cool soul brother like our Pres is definitely a Motown man.

06:27 PM #
It's a good thing they warn us, "Dont' Mess With Texas," or most people would probably spread their buttcheeks and take a huge crap on it.

06:36 PM #
Used to be a big fan of W. He rocked. But when a smooth homeboy from the hood like Barry O. takes over, you just have to get down, you guys.

06:41 PM #
Barry O. showed the country that anybody could be president. Wonder if Deion Sanders has considered running?

06:56 PM #
Ron Washington looks like the kinda fella you wouldn't wanna just leave your wallet sittin out by. Not a black thing, just sayin, you guys

07:02 PM #
Wonder where Dave is? Pretty loaded. Could use that Taco Bell to come mop up the booze. It'd really hit the spot.

07:43 PM #
Sick of this. And where's my dang Taco Bell?!

07:58 PM #
Why don't they play "Rockin In The Free World" in the 7th inning? How can you get pumped for the USA to a jerk singin like he's in church?

08:05 PM #
When your team starts to eat a pantload, it's time to change the channel and watch Conan The Barbarian, you guys.

09:07 PM #
Where the hell is Dave? Feel he's been gone forever. I'm pretty ripe. Could sure use that Taco Bell magic.

09:59 PM #
Worried about Dave. Let him take the 'Bring. It's a smokin ride. Hope he didn't pick up a gal at Taco Bell or be dead. Want my XXL Chalupas!