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DadBoner - Sun Oct 16 2011

12:36 PM #
Dave didn't come home 'til way after I passed out last night. Was acting really strange this morning. Puttin the screws to him for info.

12:50 PM #
Went to get something out of the 'Bring. Dave got all shaky and beet red. Told me he was revvin' the engine in the Taco Bell drive thru...

12:52 PM #
...tryin to impress some babes, then he moved up in line and forgot the 'Bring was in drive, went to rev again, smashed into the truck...

12:54 PM # front of him. No damage to the truck, but the trailer hitch went though the 'Bring's front end. Dave said he took it...

12:58 PM # Crazy Cooter's to get it fixed. Crazy Cooter's brother, Squirrel used to work at Auto Zone and said he can do it for like 60 bucks.

12:58 PM #
So steamed at Dave, you guys.

01:44 PM #

01:48 PM #
Tigers lose, Lions lose, Dave crashed my 'Bring, I never got any Taco Bell... ANYONE ELSE WANT TO CRUSH MY SCROTUM WITH A TIRE IRON?!

09:46 PM #
Goddamnit. Just remembered my car is at Crazy Cooter's. How the hell am I supposed to get to work?! Sick of this. Wanna murder Dave.