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DadBoner - Mon Oct 17 2011

11:29 AM #
Had to take a cab to work today. Pretty regal. Made sure a few people saw me before I got out. Felt like a rockstar.

12:21 PM #
Feel like I really blew everyone's mind by taking a cab to work today. Makes me look like more mysterious. Kinda like the Dos Equis guy.

12:25 PM #
In New York, everyone takes cabs. It's more continental. Shows you have class. Actually not mad at Dave for crashing my 'Bring at Taco Bell.

04:34 PM #
Guess Guy Fieri got in trouble for checkin out babes' cans. He's probably surrounded by bold chest beefers constantly. It's bound to happen.

04:37 PM #
When you're a mega star like Guy Fieri, it's gotta be tough not to take a peak when babes are just throwin their bozos at you left & right.

05:12 PM #
Sounds like Guy Fieri had a run in with the gays too. Gals with healthy bombs, homo fellas...everyone wants a piece of the Bold Bad Boy.