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DadBoner - Tue Oct 18 2011

11:31 AM #
Took a cab to work again. Crazy Cooter said Squirrel wanted to get the 'Bring fixed "just right." Gotta appreciate hard work.

11:34 AM #
Takin a cab to work is so decadent. Made a plate of eggs & toast for the ride. Felt like I should have asked somebody for Grey Poupon.

12:04 PM #
Ken thinks Guy Fieri is gay because he's afraid of gay people. It doesn't make you gay just because you wanna protect your plumbing.

12:10 PM #
Guy Fieri couldn't be gay in a millionaire years. He's a cool daddio from the old school. Guy digs babes & babes dig Guy. It's just nature.

12:20 PM #
Can understand how Guy has to be warned about meetin gay fellas. They probably chase his body like babes and the Beatles. It's for safety.

12:30 PM #
Got nothing against the gays. If I knew a gay fella I'd give him a hug for leavin more babes on the table for macho cruisers like myself.

05:34 PM #
Got the 'Bring back from Crazy Cooter's bro, Squirrel. It's not fixed at all. Really steamed, you guys.

05:36 PM #
Squirrel just painted the damaged bumper with nail polish and put a Harley Davidson sticker over the busted headlight. Said I owe him $60!

05:38 PM #
Sure, a Harley sticker is classic cool. Shows you're not to be messed with. But it's NOT 60 bucks OR a headlight. At all.

05:44 PM #
Told Squirrel I had to scrape the bread together and pay him later. Later = never. Really P.O.'d.

05:53 PM #
Sick of this.