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DadBoner - Sun Oct 23 2011

12:42 PM #
Dunna dunna dunna, they say it's my birthday! Happy birthday to Karl!

12:44 PM #
Dave's really keepin it hush about my celebraish. Never even said happy b-day to me. I'm tryin to play it cool.

12:48 PM #
I rented a Hummer limo to pick up the party crew in about an hour. Make sure we all show up in style. Maybe Chili's first, then who knows?

01:30 PM #
Really hope Karen gets this new Craigslist message, you guys. My birthday body is throbbing for her touch:

01:39 PM #
My Lions lost. Not gonna let it get me down on my b-day. Smashed a beer bottle in the sink and I'm gonna move on.

02:46 PM #
Asked Dave what he was up to later. He said, "dunno, just hangin out." Man, he is cold as ice with my b-day bash surprise!

03:13 PM #
Told Dave, "There's a Hummer Limo parked outside! Check it out!" He didn't even get up. Just said "cool" and ripped a juicy wet one.

03:32 PM #
Dave's been in the john forever. Told him I was going out. He just double flushed. The crew must be meetin me later for a primo surprise.

03:38 PM #
Gonna take the Hummer Limo for a spin. Maybe drive by Ann's. Hope she sees me. It'd blow her socks off.