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DadBoner - Wed Oct 26 2011

11:15 AM #
Happy Wing Wednesday, you guys! Stopped off for a McRib on the way to BW3's so I kept it light & healthy with a dozen Mango Habs.

01:46 PM #
Feels like the McRib and those Mango Hab wings are fightin over territory in my stomach. Like a 1%er gang war over bold flavor territory.

05:01 PM #
Shouldn't have gotten 2 more McRibs on the way home, you guys. Kinda understand why they're only for a limited time. It's for public safety.

05:06 PM #
Funny thing about the McRib is I still crave another one while I'm hurtin in the john from the last one. Kinda like beer & whizz I guess.