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DadBoner - Thu Oct 27 2011

11:34 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

12:07 PM #
Gotta get goin on my costume. Still thinkin about bein Sammy Hagar, but Guy Fieri would just be so money. Tough call, both are badass.

12:21 PM #
Gotta love the Halloween celebraish. It's when babes let everyone know what their bodies look like. Kind of a tradition.

12:25 PM #
At a Halloween celebraish, it's ok to ogle any babe & express your canal desires with compliments on their chest beefers. Kinda rude not to.

12:31 PM #
The less clothes a babe wears on Halloween, the more sad inside she is. Let's you know she's available for passion to fill the void.