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DadBoner - Sun Oct 30 2011

01:02 PM #
Crazy Cooter had a big Halloween celebraish last night. Forgot I owed his bro, Squirrel 60 bucks. Things got kinda heated.

01:51 PM #
Had Dave bleach my hair and beard for my Guy Fieri costume. Burned pretty bad & some patches fell out, but looked so money.

01:58 PM #
Can't believe Squirrel recognized me as the Bold Bad Boy. Really turned up the heat with my Guy costume. Front & back shades. The works.

02:18 PM #
Squirrel was screaming that I owed him "60 bones" and said to "cough up the bread!" Like I was gonna give in to a guy in a hot dog costume.

04:22 PM #
Any real man knows you don't dress up in some goofy costume for Halloween. Makes you look like a corncob. Gotta go with somethin badass.

04:25 PM #
Dalton from Roadhouse, Steven Segal, Renegade from Renegade, Guy Fieri...all badass 'stumes that make the ladies crave your touch.

04:26 PM #
Told Squirrel he could kiss my bold flavored butt if he thought he was ever gonna see the 60 bucks for his hack automotive work. So steamed.

04:29 PM #
Squirrel grabbed a fork and said he was gonna "get gnarly" on me if I didn't pay. Dave hit the bricks like a sissy.

04:33 PM #
If you wear a Stone Cold Steve Austin 'stume for Halloween & flip out when some maniac gets stabby with a fork, you don't deserve a peener.

04:49 PM #
Told Squirrel he didn't want a piece of the Bold Bad Boy. He got confused like he didn't know what I was talking about. So I let him know.

04:58 PM #
Picked up a bowl of nacho dip and thew it in Squirrel's face. He started screaming bad language. Guess it was still pretty hot.

05:01 PM #
When you burn a man's face with nacho dip while he's wearing a hot dog 'stume, it's best to leave the party before more violence happens.