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DadBoner - Thu Nov 03 2011

11:13 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

11:31 AM #
Stayed up 'til 3am workin on my McWing sandwich idea. Think it could be winner, winner, chicken dinner. A true bold, sensation.

11:36 AM #
Pretty steamed at how EVERYTHING claims to have bold flavors now. Bold flavs are for the country's elite connoisseurs, not just any corncob.

11:40 AM #
The McWing sandwich'll take back bold flavors for the proud Americans who know what it's like to be a Bold Bad Boy, not just some tagalong.

11:59 AM #
Gonna try and set up a meeting with Mickey D's. Got a bunch of badass drawings & a speech set up. Gonna wow 'em with my alpha charm.

12:03 PM #
If you want money from a corporation, you have to really get in their face with an idea & dominate, not camp out on their lawn like a slob.

12:08 PM #
I'm no stranger to bein a tough customer. Those pink panty suits at Mickey D's'll be beggin to pay when I hit 'em with my McWing aggression:

12:14 PM #
"Pleasure is all yours to see me today, Mickey D's. Name's Chef Karl. And I'm gonna rock your socks off with the true bold flavors of...

12:17 PM #
...The McWing. Sure you had success with the McRib in the past. Perty tasty. But that's old news, Grampa. With the bold generation...

12:20 PM #
...kickin down the door for innovation, the time is now for the new McWing sandwich. (stare carnally at some babe in the room and wink)

12:23 PM #
The McWing sandwich is 6 boneless wings, hyper fused together to make a patty like no other, with coating inside (spin move) AND out.

12:27 PM #
Pilled high on whatever bun you use for the McRib with lettuce, tomates, garlic mayo, and Captain Karl's Krazy Wing sauce, you'll sell...

12:31 PM #
...a crapload before you even put a sign up. Are you stupid idiots? You don't look stupid. Except for him. (point out some dolt for humor)

12:34 PM #
Look, here's a drawing of it I made myself. (show badass drawing on official graph paper) You want it. You know it. (wink at the babe again)

12:46 PM #
The McWing is all yours, for a cool million dollars. This offer is for a limited time, you guys. (turn, showcase pony, walk out, slam door)"

02:24 PM #
Really ridin' high on my McWing idea. Can't wait to get out of work. Feel like I could drink a thousand beers right now, you guys.