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DadBoner - Fri Nov 04 2011

12:37 PM #
One Friday, 6 Scotches, 20 beeeeerrrrs! Happy Friday to ya, you guys!

12:39 PM #
Feel like a drank about a thousand beers last night, you guys. Made a bunch of McWing prototypes. Some tasty. Some not so tasty.

12:43 PM #
Got a few extra McRibs today. Tryin to find that special secret for the McWing. Love isn't an ingredient you can just buy at the store.

12:45 PM #
Gonna go eat a McRib on the toilet, then take a nap. Heard that most genius' do their best work in the john where there's no distractions.

06:17 PM #
Dave's drinkin an Ensure, says he's got a stomach problem. Oh, SO fancy. Old Style works just fine by me as a poop shoot greaser. Sissy.