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DadBoner - Mon Nov 07 2011

11:10 AM #
Somethin happened to my main man Vernon in the parking lot. Goin downstairs. There's an ambulance, cops, the works. Really worried.

03:57 PM #
Just got home. Such a stressful day. Vernon got robbed in the parking lot and they stabbed him in the leg. Was really hard on me.

04:01 PM #
Vernon said he was "aight" but I insisted on going in the ambulance with him. Bros get each other's back when the streets get hot, you guys.

04:05 PM #
Vernon played it cool like he didn't want me there. He's the hardest soul brother I know, but everyone needs a pal in tough times.

04:13 PM #
Vernon said another black stabbed him. So sad. Guess he actually didn't even know him or anything. Not even from back in the day.

04:24 PM #
I can understand how a black could stab a honkey peckerwood out of frustration or for money, but black on black crime makes no sense at all.

04:36 PM #
Wish I was there with Vernon when that fool started trippin on him. You don't watch Roadhouse 50 times without learnin some hand to hand.

04:44 PM #
The Dr. who stitched Vernon's leg up was a sultry babe. Really felt a carnal attraction between us. Made the whole stabbing almost worth it.

04:46 PM #
Showed Dr. Sultry some of my Roadhouse moves I would have used on the black mugger. Could tell she was impressed but had to focus on Vernon.

05:30 PM #
Can't stop thinkin about Dr. Sultry. Ann used to make me watch Grey's Anatomy. Doctors have no control over their bodily urges, you guys.