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DadBoner - Thu Nov 10 2011

11:02 AM #
Really lookin' forward to the weekend, you guys.

11:49 AM #
The black on black violence with my main man Vernon makes me think Herman Cain could be the way to go. He's off the chain with bold color.

11:51 AM #
Think it's about time we forgive and forget Herman Cain's erotic issues. We're all human. And that Coke can pubic hair thing was years ago.

12:01 PM #
Brothers like Herman Cain usually aren't trusted with a restaurant register, let alone a whole pizza empire. Really says somethin, you guys.

12:33 PM #
Herman Cain should hook up with Papa John. Run under the Pizza Party. Papa's in the White House!

01:21 PM #
Most blacks should be republican I guess. They're pro-guns. And if anyone could use protection, it's ghetto people in bad neighborhoods.

01:28 PM #
Gettin a piece soon. It's the responsible thing to do. Can't wait to show Vernon how I'm strapped. Guns aren't just for blacks, you guys.

01:32 PM #
Ted Nugent thinks everyone should own a gun. It'd bring the crime rate down & keep people honest. Plus you can shoot healthy food animals.

03:06 PM #
If Herman Cain doesn't become the Prez, might hit him up about Captain Karl's Pizza Ship. He could take it all the way to the top, you guys.

03:11 PM #
Sometimes when I see a black man like Herman Cain do so much with life; pizza empire, maybe Prez, loads of babes; it gets me down on myself.

03:14 PM #
Feel like I gave up on Captain Karl's Pizza Ship. It coulda been huge. I was so close I could taste the bold flavors. I gotta try harder.

03:19 PM #
Herman Cain is an inspiration. I KNOW what people crave and what babes desire. Just have to shove it in their face harder than anyone else.

03:25 PM #
Goin home. Gonna buckle down with some top shelf margs, cold ones, SUPREME pizza. The works. Gotta plan my new life. Thanks, Herman Cain.