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DadBoner - Sun Nov 13 2011

12:20 PM #
Polished off another KFC Cheesy Bacon Bowl. I just can't say enough good things about it. It's a complete hearty meal in itself, you guys.

12:21 PM #
The KFC Cheesy Bacon Bowl is for a limited time. Gotta take advantage. When KFC adds bacon into the mix, they're pretty much unstoppable.

12:24 PM #
If you don't get a KFC Cheesy Bacon Bowl before they're gone, you're pretty much the stupidest a-hole in town. That's just a fact, you guys.

12:47 PM #
The only way KFC could sell even more Cheesy Double Bs is if the Colonel himself shoved a gun in vegan corncobs' faces and made 'em eat it.

01:02 PM #
Dave says the KFC Colonel was racist. Mighta been a slave owner. Glad he's dead so we can all enjoy his chicken, guilt free, you guys.

04:09 PM #
Guess there's no evidence that Colonel Sanders owned any slaves. Probably got erased as part of a government cover up.

04:12 PM #
KFC really got me thinkin. Seems like "bowls" are all the rage. Think Captain Karl's Pizza Bowls could really sweep the nation.

04:16 PM #
Think this could be huge. Captain Karl's Pizza Bowls are a bowl of bold pizza chunks you eat in a bowl. Only at Captain Karl's Pizza Ship.

04:18 PM #
I gotta get in touch with Herman Cain. He could take this to the top. Pretty bombed on cold ones though, might have to wait to reach out.

04:22 PM #
I do my best thinkin' when I'm drinkin.' Ha! Just made that up. Should make t-shirts. Sell 'em at the Pizza Ship. Writin' all this down.

04:36 PM #
In the end, we're all "only for a limited time," you guys.